Jacksonville's Place in American Rock History

Jacksonville's Place in American Rock History

Jacksonville's Place in American Rock History

As a founding member, guitarist and songwriter for 38 Special, I spent a lot of time working with Larry Steele. He was not only our stage manager, but also a songwriting partner who spent many hours with pen in hand helping Don, Donnie and myself craft songs that would help define our legacy. Many times I would go to a radio station, or to do an interview and I would be asked the same question: “Why did so many successful bands come out of Jacksonville, Florida?” My answer was always the same: “It must have been the water!”

After reading “As I Recall”, I not only learned a lot about the evolution of the Jacksonville music scene that I had previously been unaware of, but realized the answer to the question that I had been asked so many times is right here in Larry’s book. Get it, read it, and groove on the history of Jacksonville music as created by 38 Special, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers, and so many more.Jeff Carlisi

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Larry Steele, Author Of As I RecallThe primary purpose of this site is to establish and maintain direct communication with the readers and potential readers of the book, “As I Recall…” Furthermore, it is meant for the enjoyment of YOU, the dedicated fans of rock music who share a particular interest in the history of Southern Rock.

While we certainly do not profess to know everything on the subject, it is our intent to provide you with photos, excerpts from the book, and shared information,  to further enhance your knowledge of all your favorites bands;  38 SPECIAL, LYNYRD SKYNYRD, the ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND, BLACKFOOT and MOLLY HATCHET.

Please keep in mind that this site is a new project. It will continuously grow, as more and more content, features  and photos are added and updated.

THANK YOU for stopping in, and PLEASE VISIT OFTEN!

~Larry Steele


From 1977- 1987, 38 Special spent the majority of their travel days aboard Silver Eagle buses, first leased from Loch Raven, (Nashville), then Florida Coach of Kissimmee, Florida. When flying was absolutely necessary, neither the band nor the crew were pleased about having  to sacrificice all the comforts of  the bus, for the sake of maintaining the bands hectic schedule. Here they could watch TV or movies, play video games, listen to music through systems with enough headroom to blow the fuckin’ roof off, or even get some sleep. Not so on a commercial jet!


Those Who Inspired

The Classics IV, (upper left), provided tremendous inspiration for hundreds of up and coming artists who came out of Jacksonville, as they were the first local group to actually achieve “Top Ten” record success, touring on the national level.

As early as 1959,  Johnny Tillotson was already turning out hits, and was no doubt  the catalyst for launching the careers of many aspiring singers in the area. These artists, along with Middleburg’s Slim Whitman, seemed to provide confirmation that it really didn’t matter where you were from, but what you had to offer.

By 1965, there were bands sprouting up all over town, due largely to the British Invasion. Then too, there were those who had begun their musical careers prior to the arrival of the BEATLES, including the Deep Six, the Vikings, the Emotions, and Tiny & the Surfers. Many of these groups drew their inspiration from acts like the VENTURES, the BEACH BOYS, and, of course, ELVIS.

Meanwhile, down in Daytona Beach, Duane and Gregg Allman were just getting started as the Escorts, (bottom left).

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